859/1/B, G.I.D.C. Indusutrial Area MAKARPURA,

Product Categories

Diabetology,CNS,Respiratory,Others(Please Specify) [coffee machine cleaning tablet],Anti-Infectives,Anti malarials,Urology,Pain/Analgesics,Sex Stimulants/Rejuventators,Nutraceuticals
Traditional Medicine

Company Profile

WHO-GMP certified TABLET Manufacturing facility.Doing business since last 30 years. Exporting formulations to Myanmar, Cambodia, Switzerland, Nigeria, Benin, Libya, Philippines, Ghana etc. Manufacturing only TABLET formulations and FEW UNIQUE HERBAL PRODUCTS. Exporting SENNA TABLET to SWITZERLAND. Largest manufacturer of SENNA tab of different strength. Product categories which we manufactures are Cardiac, Nutritional Supplements, Antibiotics, Antiallergics, Analgesics, Anti diabetic, Ulcerant, Anti Depressant etc. Also specialized in EFFERVASANT TAB. LATEST PRODUCT EXPORTED TO SWITZERLAND IS " COFFEE MACHINE CLEANING TAB "