Meridian Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

#1108, Embassy Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021. India

Product Categories

Others(Please Specify) [Suppositories, pessaries and external liquids.],Nutraceuticals
Suppositories, pessaries and external liquids.

Company Profile

We are a leading WHO certified manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical formulations. Our factory is approved by Pfizer USA and authorities of many other countries. We are among the few companies in India having capability of manufacturing and exporting a range of suppository and pessaries products. We can provide CTD/ACTD/other dossiers.Meridian is a leader in exporting a range of suppositories and pessaries from India. We also offer a range of external liquid, tablet, oral liquid, & ayurvedic (herbal) products. Meridian was established with the objective of providing innovative healthcare products. We were the first company in India to launch sodium chloride nasal spray.