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COMPANY PROFILE M/s. Hindustan Phosphates Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1990, under the companies Act, 1951 in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The company is promoted by technically qualified entrepreneurs namely Shri Ashok Badjatiya B.E., M.S. (USA) D.B.M. and Shri Vijay Badjatiya M.Com, LLB. The company was incorporated with the main object of manufacture of Dibasic Calcium Phosphate ( DCP ) IP/BP/USP/FCC 6.0 (DC / Granular Grade also available) Tribasic calcium Phosphate ( TCP ) IP/BP/USP/FCC 6.0 (DC / Granular Grade also available) Mono Calcium Phosphate (MCP) Pure & Food Grade Sodium / Potassium / Ammonium Phosphates ( Mono/Di/Tri ) We being a part of the pharma & food industries firmly believe that every innovation on our part will bring increased convenience & affordability for the entire community. Quality 1. ISO 9001 : 2008 2. ISO 22000 : 2005 3. cGMP Certified Company 4. FSSAI Licence 5. DMF Philosopy This principle tenet of Jain Philosophy drives our organizations strategy, as we strive to live by serving the mankind with products, which can only be the best, not second. Not to mention our insuperable belief in "May the best win". Vision To be recognized as a world leader in manufacture of Phosphates through constant research, development, standardization and maintenance of rigid quality controls. "Always with Quality Plus, Our Product bears testimony to your standards." At HP, quality is our creed and it did not happen in a day. Right from our inception is 1991, through continuous research and development, standardization and maintenance of rigid quality standards and phosphoric acid, we have endeavored to give you a World Class product and have established QUALITY as our Hall marked by using HP manufacture & DICAL BRAND products which will definitely give quality plus++ to your products. Strengths • India’s largest company with ISO 9001:2000 Certification, manufacturing DCP , TCP & Various other Phosphates • Registered with FSSAI for food grade products • Largest Capacity in India • Modern and State-of-the-art Plant. • Market Leader in manufacturing of DCP Toothpaste Grade, having almost 100% market share of India. • Major market share of IP/BP/USP / Food Grades. • Efficient quality control department. Well-equipped in-house laboratory including Microbiology Testing • Nationwide dealer network and stock depots :: PRODUCT LIST :: CALCIUM PHOSPHATES DI CALCIUM PHOSPHATE Formula Pharma Grade DIHYDRATE CaHPO4 . 2H2O BP / USP / IP / Ph Eur ANHYDROUS CaHPO4 DENTIFRICE/TOOTHPASTE Grade DIRECT COMPRESSIBLE ( DC ) Granular Food Grade as per FCC 6.0 DIHYDRATE CaHPO42H2O ANHYDROUS CaHPO4 MICRO FINE (15 Microns) DIHYDRATE CaHPO42H2O MICRO FINE (15 Microns) ANHYDROUS CaHPO4 TRI CALCIUM PHOSPHATE BP/USP/IP GRADE Ca3(PO4)2/Ca5(PO4)OH FOOD GRADE FCC 6.0 Ca3(PO4)2/Ca5(PO4)OH GRANULAR Ca3(PO4)2/Ca5(PO4)OH MICRO FINE (15 Micros) Ca3(PO4)2/Ca5(PO4)OH MONO CALCIUM PHOSPHATE MONOHYDRATE Ca(H2PO4)2 PHARMA & FOOD GRADE FOOD AMMONIUM PHOSPHATES PURE / FOOD GRADE (FCC 6.0) MONO AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE FOOD / PURE / GRADE (NH4)H2PO4 DI AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE FOOD / PURE / GRADE (NH4)2HPO4 MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATES TRI MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE PURE GRADE Mg3(PO4)2 5H2O SODIUM PHOSPHATES PURE / FOOD GRADE (FCC 6.0) MONO SODIUM PHOSPHATE DIHYDRATE PURE/FOOD GRADE NaH2PO42H2O MONO HYDRATE NaH2PO4H2O ANHYDROUS PURE/FOOD GRADE NaH2PO4 TRI SODIUM PHOSPHATE DODECAHYDRATE PURE/FOOD GRADE Na3PO412H2O DI SODIUM PHOSPHATE PURE/FOOD GRADE Na3HPO412H2O PURE/FOOD GRADE Na3HPO42H2O PURE/FOOD GRADE Na3HPO4 Team Managing Director : Mr. Ashok Badjatiya BE., M.S.(USA), D.B.M. Technocrat-cum-Industrialist Graduate from USA (M.S. in Engg.) A Management Post-Graduate Director of Production : Mrs . Asha Badjatiya M.A., D.B.M. A Qualified Manager Post-Graduate (Gold Medalist) Director of Marketing : Mr. Arpit Badjatya B.S. (Chem Engg) USA , MBA, IIM Calcutta Full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm