Antila Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

814/8th floor, Devpath Building, besides Lal Bungalow, Off C.G. Road.

Product Categories

Oncology,Diabetology,CNS,CVS,Metabolic Disorder,Respiratory,Vitamins/Minerals,Dermatology,Anti-Infectives,Opthalmic/Ontological,Anti malarials,Gunaecological,Urology,Pain/Analgesics,Sex Stimulants/Rejuventators,Nutraceuticals
Oncology,Diabetology,CNS,Immunology,CVS,Respiratory,Vitamins/Minerals,Dermatology,Others(Please Specify) [-],Hormones,Sex Stimulants/Rejuventators,Nutraceuticals
Traditional Medicine

Company Profile

Antila Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd GLOBALLY GROWING FORMULATION MANUFACTURING WHO CERTIFIED Antila Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd is a formulation based company with a dream of providing affordable healthcare with excellent quality of products at economic prices. The achievement of this dream is taken into consideration by all the working members in the company and a policy of giving back to the community is being followed by everyone in all the tiers of the organization. Antila Lifesciences is a WHO-GMP certified company which has been approved by a lot of countries, currently exporting to more than 20 countries, Antila has got a very good grip in exporting quality products at affordable pricing. Our tagline reads, QUALITY MATTERS, WE MAINTAIN !!! The entire team at Antila provides exceptional client support, process reliability, and superior industry knowledge. From Development to commercialization, you will have access to broad capabilities and expert project management tailored to