Permionics Membranes Pvt Ltd

3/29, 4/19, B.I.D.C., Gorwa Estate

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Company Profile

PERMIONICS is the FIRST & ONLY Company in India to indigenously manufacture Reverse-Osmosis, Ultra-Filtration, and Nano-Filtration membranes for various process specific applications. We custom-design and engineer complete membrane based systems from pilot to commercial scale to suit the specific requirements of petrochemical, biotech, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, dairy, chemical and other sectors. Permionics Membrane Pvt. Ltd is ISO-9001 certified company, pioneer in manufacturing of Reverse-Osmosis, Ultra-Filtration, Nano-Filtration Membranes and Technology for the application of Water Treatment, Effluent Recycling, Sewage Recycling and Special Process Applications. Today, Permionics has the most extensive range of membranes to suit any process parameters with having more than 1500 applications since last 30 years in India, UK, Syria, Jordan, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Vietnam, Pakistan and Dubai etc.