Permionics Membranes Pvt Ltd

3/29, 4/19, B.I.D.C Gorwa Estate

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PERMIONICS MEMBRANES PVT. LTD, is an ISO 9001 certified company. As the pioneers of membrane technology in India, indigenous manufacturer of RO,UF,NF membranes; our trail blazing applications for the Pharma sector are UF, NF Systems for concentration & purification of enzymes, proteins and peptides/Clarification and concentration of dilute solutions-herbal extracts & API's/Ceramic filtration for fermentation broth clarification/Recovery of API, other valuable products from mother liquors/Solvent resistant membranes for operation in solvent media/High purity, USP grade water systems, distribution using RO + EDI/Replacement membranes for UF, NF, RO & HSRO Systems/Low fouling HPA membrane Systems for Waste Water Recycling ( ZLD)