Microgen Hygiene Pvt Ltd

313 Midas,Sahar Plaza, Andheri Kurla Rd,Next to Kohinoor Continental Hotel, Andheri E

Product Categories

Dermatology,Others(Please Specify) [Antiseptic, disinfectant & sterilization products. Ointments, creams & gels.]
Dermatology,Others(Please Specify) [Povidone Iodine, Chlorohexidine gluconate, Cetrimide, Benzalkonium chloride.]

Company Profile

Microgen Hygiene Pvt. Ltd. was founded in India in the year 2006. The company has state of an art manufacturing facilities well equipped with the latest production technology at its factory in Kala Amb – Himachal Pradesh, India. The company focuses on production and marketing of high quality disinfectant solutions for the healthcare and industrial sector and has a range of products with varied applications to suit the needs of different clients. The company aims in enhancing the productivity & profitability of our clients with effective infection & contamination prevention products & services.