Laxon Drugs Pvt. Ltd.

D-48, Industrial Focal Point

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Laxon Drugs is a WHO GMP Certified growing pharmaceutical manufacturing company. We have a state of art manufacturing facility situated in a well developed and connected Industrial are of Punjab,India manufacturing Parentral Products in the form of Dry Powder Injections comprising of Beta Lactum, Cephalosporins & Carbapenems group. We provide a complete product portfolio in dry powder injectables. Our portfolio includes products for Humans and Veterinary. Our specialization in our product portfolio enables us to master the product quality and manufacturing services for our clients. Laxon Drugs is managed by a well experienced team of Technical and Management Professionals. We are committed to offer excellence in quality, customer service and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical formulations with our clients. We also offer contract and 3rd party manufacturing for pharmaceutical formulations in the international/domestic market.