Polestar Pharma

Village- Damuwala, Haripur Road, Barotiwala, Tehsil- Baddi Distt. Solan

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Others(Please Specify) [Antibiotics]

Company Profile

Polestar is a dedicated facility for Betalactum (Oral Solid Dosage Form). The facility is designed to handle special products like Clavulanic Acid which requires low RH area. This site is located on 823 Square meters plot in three floors i.e. ground floor dedicated for store, first floor dedicated for production and second floor for QA/QC and administration. The facility includes dedicated Storage Area for Raw Materials and Packaging Materials and segregated floor for the manufacturing of Betalactum (Oral Solid Dosage Manufacturing). It also has a separate full-fledged utilities section. For analysis of products it has well equipped and self-sufficient Quality Control Laboratory with sophisticated analytical instruments like HPLC from Agilent, UV spectrophotometer and also Karl Fischer Apparatus, Stability Chambers, etc. Microbiology section is equipped with autoclave, LAFs, Zone Reader, TOC etc.,