12/12,Shakti Nagar

Product Categories

Vitamins/Minerals,Anti-Infectives,Anti malarials,HIV,Gunaecological,Urology,Hormones,Nutraceuticals

Company Profile

Our company Cooper Pharma Ltd is a WHO-GMP certified unit, located in the dust free & serene atmosphere of Dehradune.We have the state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture for all dosage forms like injectables both dry & liquid, capsules, tablets & liquids. Our facility is approved by regulatory authorities from various countries. We are exporting our formulations globally.Russia,CIS & the Middle east are our major markets. We are known for quality & affordability. We have the expertise & infrastructure to customize the specific packaging requirements. We have innovated Potassium Citrate extended release tablets which has become bluster product in some countries.