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Mumbai, India

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MarchVET is established and headquartered in Mumbai, India. Today, it has made a mark in the industry as a high quality manufacturer and exporter of Veterinary Medicines. We specialize in Anthelmintic and Anti-parasitic medicines related to liver flukes, tapeworms, gastrointestinal round worm, nematodes, hookworms, whipworms etc. Our team at MarchVET is committed towards manufacturing quality products which is reflected in our state of the art manufacturing facility in India. Additionally, the products undergo various stringent quality check parameters to ensure they are safe and effective before they are out for consumption. Also, continuous feedback and R&D is carried out to keep improving the products. Our dedication and commitment towards delivering high quality has helped MarchVET's presence spread to various countries around the globe. We strive to ensure that Vets and Vet owners around the globe have access to high quality Veterinary medicines. Additionally, we believe in com