Niksan Pharmaceutical

Plot No.4706/-3,SF-12,Shrinathji Arcade, GIDC

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NIKSAN PHARMACEUTICAL was established by a group of experienced professionals with an objective to develop Pharmaceutical Products in a complex quality driven atmosphere. we put in our the best efforts to provide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients such as Azelisartan, Adapalene, Benidipine, Biperiden, Bosentan, Cilnidipine, Cilostazol, Doxofylline, Donepezil, Dapoxetine, Dutasteride, Etoricoxib, Febantel, Granisetron, Gabapentin, Glimepiride, Ivabradine, Labetalol, Lafutidine, Levosulpiride, Luliconazole, Lidocaine, Nebivolol, Nateglinide, Olmesartan, Prilocaine, Praziquantel, Pregabalin, Rosuvastatin, Silodosin, Tamsulosin, Tiemonium Methylsulfate, Torsemide and Pharmaceutical Finished Formulation using the best intellects and assure timely response to the customers thereby creating an atmosphere for the growth of all.