Eskag Pharma Pvt Ltd

PLOT NO. 31 & 32, Sector -6A, IIE, SIDCUL, Ranipur, Haridwar.

Product Categories

Vitamins/Minerals,Others(Please Specify) [GI and Cytoprotectors, CKD products,Pre and Post Pregnancy Care, Infertility Treatment, Reproductive Healthcare Products, Laxative],Gunaecological,Urology,Hormones,Nutraceuticals
Vitamins/Minerals,Others(Please Specify) [Chelated Minerals, DC granules, Feed Premix]

Company Profile

A fast growing WHO-GMP certified company,Specializes in World-Class,Cost-effective products having four formulations manufacturing Units at SIDCUL,Haridwar with one Unit dedicated to Oral Contraceptives & Hormones. It focuses on following areas: *Customized Country specific Formulations *Oral & Emergency Contraceptives,Hormones including Progesterone SR,Estradiol Valerate, Cyproterone,Medroxyprogesterone,Clomiphene,Norethisterone *Pregnancy Care (Pre & Post Natal) *Abortion (Mifepristone+Misoprostol)Kits *Erectile Dysfunction with Dapoxetine *Gastro-Protectors range in various Sucralfate Combinations *Food & Dietary Supplements like Activated Charcoal with Fungal Diastase and Papain(FSSAI Approved)*Nutraceuticals & ORS with Probiotics and Zinc *CKD Products including Alphaketoanalogues *Country Specific COPPs, Dossiers –both in CTD & ACTD format available. We Excel in innovative packaging,Contract manufacturing on P2P bas3rd party manufacturing for Exports in Cutomers’ brand names.