Albert David Limited

Gillander House Block D, 3rd Floor 8, N S Road

Product Categories

Vitamins/Minerals,Anti-Infectives,Opthalmic/Ontological,Gunaecological,Pain/Analgesics,Sex Stimulants/Rejuventators,Nutraceuticals

Company Profile

Albert David Limited THE company has been active on the Indian pharmaceutical map since more than nine decades. Having made a modest start in the year 1924 with a single manufacturing facility, today, the company is ranked among the first fifty companies out of more than fifteen thousand active pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country. With an Annual Sales Turnover of approximately USD 55 million for the year ended March 2017, the company continues to maintain a growth significantly higher than the industry average. The company is a part of the Kolkata based industrial House of Kothari’s with current Annual Sales Turnover of USD 500 millions with diversified interests in the manufacture of textiles, engineering items and industrial chemicals, tea plantations, salt processing and international trading. The group also has professional expertise in running modern, multi - divisional hospitals and at present it owns two large hospitals in the country.