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A diverse, global health care company and a leading developer and manufacturer of nutritional supplements backed by solid scientific evidence serving health care practitioners for more than 12 years and constantly striving to deliver innovative nutritional supplements with more than 50 products and 40 under development. Lactonova offers product lines specially created for targeted health conditions including metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, fitness and performance. Endeavoring best to succeed in becoming one of the fastest growing companies, with the Nutraceutical R&D strategy and partnerships with high quality marketing and selling companies. Team Lactonova comprises of highly experienced people involved in the quality control, quality assurance, purchase, production and maintenance ensuring maximum food safety and highest quality. TUV SUD (Germany) Certified ISO 22000 Company, the auditors from this official agency of the TUV SUD (Germany), whose certification is recognized and accepted worldwide. Also GMP certified and is in the process of attaining BRC Certification. Contract Manufacturing / Private Labels: Our Company offers extensive and competitive product portfolio with a flexible quantities, customer competitive pricing oriented approach to address customer requirements and make them concentrate on their core business. We contribute to help the customers to improve their cash flow, increase sales and ensuring customer satisfaction by being cost and time effective. Technical Services: Formulation Research and development, Analytical method development, Regulatory and Quality Assurance Services.