Stallion Laboratories Pvt.Ltd

817, "DEVPATH" B / h Lal Bungalow , Off C. G. Road, Navrangpura,

Product Categories

Diabetology,CNS,Immunology,CVS,Metabolic Disorder,Respiratory,Vitamins/Minerals,Dermatology,Anti-Infectives,Opthalmic/Ontological,Anti malarials,Gunaecological,Urology,Pain/Analgesics,Nutraceuticals

Company Profile

“ Striving To Eradicate Human Sufferings Through Our Preventive And Curative Therapeutics " Stallion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., is a leading WHO GMP and ISO 9001-2008 certified company having State-of-Art manufacturing facilities. We are manufacturing tablets, capsules, oral liquid, injection, ointment and powder using exclusively DMF quality raw materials and international packing standards. Stallion is directly exporting to 43 countries in different continents like South Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, Francophone countries. PRODUCT GROUP: Analgesic, Anti inflammatory, Anti Pyretic, Anti Ulcerative, Antacid, Anti Emetic, Antibiotics, Anti Helmintic, Anti Allergic, Common Cold/Cough Formulations, Anti Asthmatic, Anti Tubercular, Anti Diabetic, Anti Hypertensive, Anti Arrhythmic, Anti Anginal, Anti Coagulant.