B-21/22, MIDC Area,

Product Categories

Diabetology,CNS,Respiratory,Vitamins/Minerals,Anti-Infectives,Pain/Analgesics,Sex Stimulants/Rejuventators,Nutraceuticals

Company Profile

ZIM provides innovative drug delivery solutions targeting patient convenience and adherence. It uses proprietary technologies to develop and manufacture differentiated pharmaceutical products. ZIM manufacture and supply oral solid dosage formulations and PFI covering tablets, capsules, dry syrups, pellets, granules, and ODS. We offer; A) Site transfer/variation of Tablets (IR & SR,OD), Capsules with Different Pellets, Pellets+tablets, Pellets+powder. B) Co-Development and Technology Transfer for IR, SR & MR formulations including non-infringing approaches. C) Pilot level (GMP batch Scale-Up and commercial level scale up services. D) PFI products in Bulk Pellets & DC-Granules (IR, DR, SR), TMG for Suspension. E) Development of Orally Disintegrating Films.